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Dr. Hazem Kanaan
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Dr. Hazem Kanaan
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Dr. Kanaan's Services

Prenatal Care

Whether you are a first time mother or been pregnant before, Dr. Kanaan will care for you and your pregnancy using up-to-date medicine. 

Normal, High Risk and Previous C-Section pregnancies are welcome.

Robotic Surgery

Dr. Kanaan is a big advocate for minimal invasive surgery. He offers Robotic surgeries to his patient when deemed appropriate and also he offers them minimal invasive surgeries without robot. This promotes faster patient recovery and healing.

Gynecological Services

Females gynecological problems and occur at any point in the female life time. Dr. Kanaan starts evaluating and treat female patient starting at their teen age and all the way to menopausal phase of life. 

Child Development

Dr. Kanaan is very active physician in public education. He has done many presentations at different school to educate young minds about health and especially about Obesity with it's complications

Obesity and Weight Loss

Obesity as a disease effects almost all parts of your body and slowly damages your organs so you would develop chronic diseases. 

Weight loss and Obesity treatment is Dr. Kanaan's specialty. He is the only Obesity Medicine Board Certified OB/GYN in the RGV.


Dr. Kanaan only delivers at:

Women's Hospital at DHR

He offers normal deliveries, cesarean sections and when appropriate vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC)

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Dr. Hazem Kanaan